We ‘re Trainers Develop Competencies Road to Success Know More Training helps people develop new competencies to reach next scale. We ‘re Manvin Outbound Training Programs Know More We do not learn from experience... we learn from reflecting on experience.
We’ re Consultants We are in the business of building business Know More At times you need to look your own business and functions from a different perspective to grow.

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The focus is helping people to enhance their competencies. A real, practical, and implementable approach which develops an attitude to thrive and grow.


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Corporate training programs inculcating the right attitude and competence to enhance the performance of the participants…

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We envision to help our people develop a better understanding of self along with becoming capable of creating what they want in life.

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Outbound Corporate Training Programs

OBT Training or Outbound Learning is an experiential training method for enhancing employee motivation and moral.

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Competency Assessments

Competency assessment is defined as any system for measuring and documenting personnel competency.

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Virtual Webinars

We are delighted to announce that you can select a topic of Webinar any of the mention below to have…

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Our unique learning and development methodology with the latest updates on the subjects interwoven in…

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A completely new environment helps participants to foster their creativity and bring innovation in new situations. Communication, Team building and Leadership with problem-solving and decision-making skills are enhanced further.

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    Mantra Raj PaliwalVice Chairman , Mirajgroup

    First time when I attended the program called action-centered leadership in Radisson Blu, Udaipur was an eye-opening program for me. We brought Manvin consulting Inc.team to Miraj group where different competencies were assessed and the whole series of programs started from a top-down approach.”My coaching sessions helped me to build confidence. I was also privileged to have an Outbound Training sessions at Jayalgarh, Chakrata, Uttrakhand with Manvin Consulting Inc. and it was an amazing experience for me. Overall the focus is on competency building of people is what I like most about them.

    Balkesh NarangOperations Manager, Amazon.com

    I found the program to be very well designed to imbibe the leadership principles into practice. It imitates the situations that pop up at the workplace in which we usually interact with different types of people around- as peers, seniors, subordinates, or clients. This leads to different types of conflicts, clashing priorities that are usually very subtle to understand. The course involved roleplay-based teachings which are very helpful to systematically resolve the conflicts and create win-win solutions for us.

    Raj SuranaDirector, Nahar Colors and Coatings Ltd and Orient Glaze Limited.

    Action centered leadership program was a great experience for me with Manvin Consulting Inc. With so many years of experience, I still had so many new things to learn from this program. As an entrepreneur ,the ability to connect with the participants and the activities given in form of unique challenges which give a completely new learning for getting the task done from the team manage the individuals and the team was a learning for me . Everything was planned and delivered well. I highly recommend this program for people who are managing a team.

    Shyam ChaudhariAssociate Manager - Commercial , Hindustan Zinc Ltd.

    Thank you for a wonderful engaging workshop .the facilitators were absolutely charged .The entire session was conceptualized with the deep thought an executed with fine procession .the experiential learning activities give us an opportunity to introspect on self and make way for developing our effectiveness .professionalism and great dedication are the hallmarks of Manvin Consulting Inc.and I wish them all the very best.

    Laxman DiwanAVP- Statue of Belief Tatpadam Upavan, Miraj Group

    I attended the first program of Manvin Consulting in April 2014 at Radisson Blu, Udaipur. I was exhilarated to understand the concept of Helicoptering. The quality of delivery and the experiential learning session was just outstanding.It was a good blend of fun with lots of practical learning Then after, the services were taken for the entire Miraj group. We implemented the top-down approach with subjects like Action Centered Leadership, Communication, Sales Training, and the entire plethora of competency enhancement. Their style, delivery, learning, and overall experience is wonderful.

    Sunil Kumar SharmaFinance Director , NCR Corporation

    Undoubtedly Manvin Team is the best and my whole Finance team had a great time at Ramada ,Udaipur. Our conference was more related to strategic thinking and Innovation and we wanted to carry out the activities in sync with the theme.Vinod and Manisha did exceedingly well which we wanted and trainers went over our expectations. Manvin team was professional and the last but most thrilling activity that is water polo excites me till today. Thank you all for such a fantastic time.

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