360 Degree Feedback 360 Degree Feedback is a Multi-Rater Feedback System. Almost every Fortune 500 Company is using this in some form or the other. As a part of this process, a participant is assessed by a number of respondents including her/his manager, direct reports (team members), colleagues, internal customers and sometimes even external customers. The assessment is made on a survey questionnaire specially designed to assess Leadership Styles and their impact at the workplace, Managerial Qualities, Delegation and other behaviors considered critical for Leadership.

Such feedback from multiple sources provides a credible picture and can be used in the organization for:

  1. Leadership Development.
  2. Providing insights into the strengths and developmental areas of the participant in terms of their Behavioral Competencies, Leadership Styles, etc.
  3. Identification of developmental needs and preparing development plans more objectively.
  4. Enhancing role clarity and establishing increased accountability.
  5. Generating data for various personnel decisions like nominations to training programs (Provided it is decided initially that the feedback is not meant only for the individual alone but is also to be shared with the organization).
  6. Culture building
  7. Reinforcing other change management efforts (TQM, Customer focus, Customer satisfaction enhancing interventions, Quality enhancing and cost-reducing interventions, etc.)
  8. Aligning individual and group goals with organizational vision, values, and goals.

Manvin Consulting Inc. Expertise Lies In:

  • Designing customized 360 Degree Feedback instruments to cater to the unique needs of the Organization
  • Facilitating 360 Degree Feedback based Leadership Development Workshops
  • Individual Development Dialogues based on the 360 Degree Feedback to arrive at Individual Development Plans or IDPs
  • Training Internal Facilitators to anchor the 360 Degree Feedback process internally
  • Providing IT interface and support to help organizations institutionalize the 360 Degree process
  • Readily available benchmark data industry-wise for Top and Senior Level Management