This is a unique program on leadership and is based on principles of Action Centred Leadership of John Adair. After graduating from Cambridge University, he became a senior lecturer in military history and adviser in leadership training at the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. In 1979 he was appointed the world’s first Professor of Leadership Studies at the University of Surrey. Since 2006, he has been Honorary Professor of Leadership at the China Executive Leadership Academy. In 2009, John was appointed Chair of Leadership Studies United Nations System Staff College in Turin. He wrote about 40 books mostly on leadership.

The underlying principle is that by taking right actions one becomes effective leader. Instead of trying to find out what kind of a person one is, or what kind of a person one should be to be an effective leader, the focus is on what a leader needs to do. By identifying such behaviour or actions and doing them consistently, one becomes a successful leader.

Duration: 3 Days


  • Lead different types of people in your team.
  • Learn to take quick and correct decisions with relevant facts and opinions.
  • Achieve goal or task clarity amongst team members.
  • Lead people to set higher and challenging goals for themselves and achieve superior results.


  • Improved performance in terms of productivity and performance
  • Able to handle high power teams
  • Able to understand the team, task and individuals.
  • Able to provide direction, gain commitment and facilitate change.
  • Achieve results through efficient deployment of resources and people.

The program consists of 5 practical team tasks, 9 syndicate discussion and a case study in form of video film. Each task or syndicate discussion throws up clear learning points and builds upon the learning of the previous task thus reinforcing learning. Towards the end of the program there will be a final task in which the participants test and validate their learning during the course.

Easy to carry plastic cards for each participant captures the gist of the course and is handed over to the participants for refreshing their memory.