Competencies are a combination of attitude, knowledge, skills, and traits and self motives which come out as “behaviours” that lead to high performance in any given role.

Assessment and Development Centers (ADCs) are centers set up by an organization for continuous assessment of the competencies required to perform current, future or higher-level roles. An assessment program consists of a standardized evaluation of behaviors, based on creation of stimulated job conditions and observes a person’s performance. It focuses on providing information on the individual’s current and potential competence to perform successfully irrespective of the field. It squarely focuses on the discrepancies of the behavior that an individual demonstrates and should ideally demonstrate. It is an interesting process that leads to self diagnosis and self Awareness.

Another perspective is that these candidates have to spend one third of their life time at work, it is important that their abilities and interests fit with the requirements of the job. People, who are well matched to their jobs, use their talents more effectively and are happy.

We involve in ADC  where simulation of ‘near to actual’ work situations, observation of individual reactions and identifying strengths and areas that need working upon.

ADCs use Multiple Assessors, Multiples Competencies & Multiple Exercises

Assessment Centers use trained Assessors or Observers. They are trained through intensive ‘Assessor Training Workshops’ in ORCE-Observation, Recording, Classifying and Evaluating.

Assessment and Development Centers help organizations move towards a competency-based culture. They are increasingly used to identify top talent or fast trackers and develop leaders/competencies for the future.

 They provide the organization with valid data for Potential appraisal, Selection, Job Rotation, and Promotions. ADCs have become even more important in current conditions where opportunities for promotion are few and yet many individuals who perform their existing roles well need to be encouraged to see the future in terms of development without obvious promotion.

Manvin Consulting Inc.’s Expertise Lies In:

  • Identifying competencies required for managers across various levels to assess functional and behavioral competencies of a candidate which are bound to influence decisions pertaining to career, particularly promotion and potential growth. Also, identify where candidate should focus more to enhance his/her skills or potential for success in future roles.
  • Designing exercises and simulations for assessment (Including use of in house Psychometric tests)
  • Designing the complete ADC (evaluation framework, competency tool matrix, ADC reports, etc.)
  • Developing in-house Assessor capabilities
  • Conducting ‘Assessor Refresher’ programs
  • Conducting ‘Self Discovery’ and ‘Self Management’ workshops for the ADC participants
  • Development Dialogues to formulate Individual Development Plans (IDPs)
  • Institutionalizing the ADC process by way of a customized reference Manual


Multiple methods of assessment using multiple assessors . Observations and assessment about behavior are made in major part from specifically developed assessment simulation exercises. These assessments are pooled in a meeting among the assessors or by a statistical integration process. In an integration discussion, comprehensive accounts of behavior, and ratings, are pooled. The discussion results in evaluations of the performance of the assessee (Candidate) on the dimensions/ competencies. The whole procedure is conducted through various tools such as:

  1. Leaderless Group Discussion (LGD)
  2. Presentation
  3. In-Box Exercise
  4. Simulation Exercises
  5. BBII® (Biographic Behaviour Incident Interview)
  6. Case Analysis
  7. Psychometric Tests: Myer’s Briggs Type Indicator
  8. Role Plays

Once all the exercises are over, each of the assessors is required to classify the behaviour observed into dimensions accounting to the predefined list of competencies. Taking the participant’s performance in all the exercises and interview reports, the participant is then rated on the competency using five point scale.


In first set 24 candidates will be taken and tools especially designed for these candidates will be implemented that will simulate real work life or corporate conditions that a student will have to handle. These students will be assessed by a team of assessors. For each competency the candidate will be assessed by 2 competency tool and 2 assessors with each assessment tool. The tools will be designed in English (and Hindi if needed) based on the needs of the candidates.

A one to one Development session will be given to each candidate for sharing Developmental Plans.

Time Duration for Assessment Program: 2  Days