What kind of leader are you? Godfather or Human being.

Leaders come in all sizes and shapes. Their “Leadership defines what the future should look like, aligns people with that vision, and inspires them to make it happen despite the obstacles” (Kotter, 1996).In this process of making things happen, they usually forget one thing and that is their own personality and aligns with an image of the […]

True love…

A topic debated for centuries. Cynics and romantic mad lovers, all have their different views. There are different elements which can help us to understand whether it will bloom or fade. Let’s understand some elements of true love. It needs to generate a lot of happiness. every exchange of conversation, time and energy needs to […]

The buck stops here

Buck passing, or passing the buck, or sometimes (playing) the blame game, a common phrase we generally use is the act of attributing to another person or group one’s own responsibility. Harry Truman had a little sign on his desk while he was president of the USA. It said ‘The buck stops here’. This act is super interesting […]

Mindfulness and Meditation

Life is a continuous flow of energy, and any form of stagnation is bound to cause decay. This law applies to our mental energies too, and if our thoughts get stuck in the past or the illusionary future, our mental energies start to denigrate. In fact, an untrained mind is relentlessly boomeranging between cravings and aversions. In […]