This course is designed to make participants fully aware about the criticality of this competency in work and personal life. It enables them to listen and speak more effectively and at the same time improve their reading and writing abilities. The program includes many practical tasks, exercises, role plays and keeps the participants glued to the program.

Duration: 3 Days


1. Introduction to Communication
2. What makes one effective communicator
3. Various Dimensions of Communication: Listening, Reading, Speaking, Writing, Body language, Medium
4. Issues in communication with associates
5. Listening and Reading
6. Writing Skills – Write right
7. Speaking to create impact
– how to give job instructions
– how to receive job instructions
8. Communicating in Meetings and with associates
9. Body language
10. Communication for problem-solving


After completion of the program the participants will be able to:

1. Understand the comprehensiveness of the word ‘communication’ in terms of speaking, writing, listening, reading and importance of body language.
2. Minimize their anxiety/ fear in speaking in public/ groups
3. Understand their ‘preferred style’ of speaking and listening and will modify resulting due to feedback based learning.
4. Learn and understand criticality of body language and will know the meaning of various gestures, eye movement, walking style etc.