Conflict is a part of life and leaders deal with conflict every day. Skillful and creative conflict resolutions foster a manager’s innovation and greater productivity. This workshop will help participants to learn about their own personal approach to handling conflict and better understand the consequences of conflict in a work setting. Participants will also learn specific communication skills to better address conflict, and will be provided the opportunity to practice those skills.

Course Duration: 2 Days;

Workshop Objectives

  • Become more aware of their own style to handle conflict and how other people can handle conflict.
  • Understanding conflict modes and five conflict-handling modes.
  • Understand and implement communication skills helpful in addressing conflict.
  • Know the resources available to assist in conflict resolution.
  • Build skills for reaching effective solutions.


After attending the program the participants will be able to develop competencies for handling conflicts. They will be able to cover areas like

  • Achieving clarity of objectives,
  • Setting roles and interdependences,
  • Handling egos,
  • Action planning necessary for achieving a high level of team working
  • Resolving conflicts.