This program is an ideal foundation course for executives with 3 to 4 years’ experience and who have exhibited potential to grow into leadership/managerial positions. This course is modular in the sense that out of a list of five or six major areas, three are chosen for detailed treatment depending on the client’s requirement. This is a tested program and has been run at a number of organizations with minor variations.

Course Duration: 2 days

Course Objectives:

Manage Self

  • Understanding how your behavioral style influences the actions of others.
  • Use delegation to increase productivity and individual growth
  • Improving your skills in managing and leading change

Manage Others

  • Motivate your people
  • Dealing with conflict
  • Anticipate and resolve conflict situations
  • Determining the key values that can help you find ways to motivate people

Manage Teams

  • Differentiate a Team from a Workgroup
  • Growing your organization by continually increasing your team’s levels of competency
  • Meet the diverse needs of all your team members with proven communication techniques
  • Knowing the behavioral indicators that lead to effective team performance

Manage Performance

  • Managing performance and growth: applying the concepts you’ve learned to a simulated case
  • Select Key Behavioral Approaches to Improve Coaching Effectiveness
  • Time and Self-Management
    Problem Solving and Creativity
    Team Work and Leadership
    Performance Management
    Inter Personal Effectiveness (appreciating individual differences, management of
    conflicts, communication and listening skills, skills in giving and receiving
    feedback, ream profiles)
    Effective Communication (interpersonal, team and organizational)