The role of Human Resource Department is shifting dramatically—and the challenges faced by HR Department and HR Practiceners is clear: How do an organisation  create an agile, next-generation HR function fit for the digital era is what Manvin’s approach for the client is?

Human resources, once viewed as a dependable cornerstone of business, is morphing into one of the most critical and dynamic functions in any organization. As companies become bionic—blending human and technological capabilities—the primary barrier to progress is not technology. Rather, it is finding the right human capabilities, skills, and talent to unleash the power of technology.

Companies with next-generation HR capabilities deliver significantly better financial performance than companies weaker in those areas.

To ensure that HR is a strategic partner to the business, companies must address five fundamental questions:

How do people drive business value in the organization—and how does HR help maximize that value?

What is the right HR operating model and organizational framework to ensure that leaders own people strategy and implementation?

How should HR processes and digital HR practices be structured? What HR strategy and capabilities are needed to succeed?

What are the most promising, innovative digital IT solutions available to support work in human resources?

Armed with these insights, companies can reinvent human resources for the digital era by excelling in three areas: Digital HR,  employee life cycle, and HR and people analytics.

The most relevant areas of HR Department where we intervene for our Consulting Services.


Manvin’s focus is on helping companies recruit and hire the best candidates within the client’s budget. Designing the most suitable pipeline of Human resource by understanding the business model of the organisation and devise a system in the state of art of technology to serve the main function of the organisation.

Training and Development

Helping companies improve their workers in terms of enhancing the competencies. This can include on-site, job-specific skill training, or development in areas such as communications, time management, customer service, and leadership skills.

Benefits and Compensation

Another area of HR specialization is benefits and compensation, sometimes known as total rewards. Total rewards include base pay, benefits, commissions, salaries, perks, rewards, awards programs and morale initiatives. We help businesses maximize their personnel budgets by determining which positions should be filled by employees and what functions should be outsourced.

Health and Behavioral Safety

Healthy workers are more productive and incur lower health care and insurance costs for employers. Health, safety, security and wellness all play a role in maintaining the most productive workforce, and Manvin’s Team advise clients in these areas. This can include making sure companies follow federal and state safety regulations, help improve workplace security practices, institute wellness programs and review workers’ compensation claims to look for proper classification of employees and claims patterns that might identify safety or health issues the client needs to address with behavioral safety programs, customized and designed as per the organisational needs in most practical approach.

Designing and Developing HR policies

Manvin Consulting Inc. provides expertise in developing the right framework for all the HR policies required to develop a guideline for the employees of the organisation. We take a look in all the legal compliance and the central and state government regulations of the particular industry to help them in brings the policies and procedure’s transparency for the benefit of the organisation and employees both.

Designing The learning Management Systems

A learning management system (LMS)’s purpose is to empower Learning and Development (L&D) departments with training and development for their learners, so they can continue a company’s growth, success, and ultimately drive revenue. Manvin’s Team helps to do so.

To really achieve all of the above, a learning management system (LMS) needs to be an intelligent and modern solution. This is because, for a platform to see high user adoption, people have to like using it. Audiences take most naturally to an LMS when it adopts modern solutions that people are used to working with. More traditional modes of employee training like paper tests and all in person instruction just don’t hit the mark for modern learners these days.

To understand how LMS software improves all things enterprise learning, we’ll first cover what an organisation need as a generic learning and what they need for growth in terms of  learning . LMS acts as an essential tool, and how to get the most out of it where Manvin plays a role. We integrate your needs with LMS and devise a seamless , employee friendly Learning system  for the organisations growth. Now’s the time to get schooled – our complete guide to a learning management system is here to help.

Human Resource Planning

We all know and needless to say that organisations are over doing with manpower and underutilizing their competence .We help in systematic planning ahead to achieve optimum use of an organization’s most valuable asset—quality employees. Through Human resources planning  we ensure the best fit between employees and jobs while avoiding manpower shortages or surpluses. Develop a structure where HR does not become a pain and in fact is the support structure of the organisation