This course will use a number of instruments to sensitize the participants to their profiles. After describing the basic concepts, rest of the course enables the participants to hone their skills through specially designed role plays. Learning takes place through peer feedback and occasional inputs from the course facilitator.


Through a specially designed case study, participants will go through a simulated performance of:

  • Describing current behavior (behavior that one wants to reinforce or redirect to improve a situation.
  • Identifying situations (identifying the specific situations where these behaviors were observed)
  • Describing the impacts and consequences of the current behavior
    Identifying alternative behaviors


On completion of this program the participants will:

  • Become aware of self and differences in individuals.
  • Understand the meaning and dimensions of Mentoring
  • Know their preferred listening profile and develop their less preferred profile (especially empathic listening)
  • Learn the art and science of understanding mentees’ mind frame
  • Learn and practice effective feedback behavior.
  • Learn and practice the four stages of Mentoring.