Sexual Harassment at Workplace (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, has been passed and implemented in India with effect from 9th December 2013. The effective implementation of this law, however, is yet to be achieved. It can be made possible through awareness generations among not only the people who are affected by sexual harassment but also among senior level of policy makers in management structure. Most of the employees, both male and female, are still in the dark about the provisions and effectiveness of this law.

While training/workshop is certainly not a panacea, it will create awareness among the employees cutting across hierarchy and gender. There are not many organizations who design and deliver quality training programme covering topics like what sexual harassment (subtle and overt) means, rights of the victims under the law, duties of representatives of employer, processing grievances/complaints, prevention techniques and policies required, monitoring harassment cases, building enabling physical and psychological infra structure and so on. Manvin Consulting has been conducting Gender Sensitization programmes for many organizations.


After participating in the workshop, the members will be able to:

  1. Create an atmosphere in the organizations where the victims feel empowered and comfortable to express sexual harassment
  2. Learn the genesis of sexual discrimination/ hostility and see the larger picture emanating from social structure and upbringing.
  3. Understand and internalize gender issues, discrimination, and gender equity more clearly.
  4. Get deeply sensitized about various subtle and overt forms of sexual harassment at workplace
  5. Understand the significant and speaking clauses of the law framed on Vaisakha guidelines.
  6. Implement the law, guidelines, redress complaints speedily and more effectively.


The workshop will be highly participative with the involvement of all the members. It will involve case studies, audio-visuals, small group discussions and role-plays.



  1. Gender issues and discrimination – nature and genesis
  2. Sexual Harassment at workplace – subtle and overt, legal definition
  3. The relevant legal provisions and related case studies like Rupam Deol Bajaj vs KPS Gill
  4. Constitution of Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) and Duties and Roles of ICC Presiding Officer / Member
  5. Role of Employer
  6. Preventive Policies (organization)
  7. Organizational Best Practices
  8. Code of Conduct and Service Rules
  9. Steps to Conduct Inquiry