This program is based on Sales Skills and marketing workshop provides immediately useful techniques and tools that have been proven to improve sales productivity, increase win rates and accelerate revenue growth. Workshop reveals the research-proven fundamentals of how to formulate winning market strategies. Combining principles assembled, this program presents a simple set of useful strategy-development tools for marketing and sales practitioners. Attendees will come away with an enlightened understanding of how to create sound, successful, defensible market strategies.

Duration :3 days


New Business Development

  • Identifying the Most Lucrative Markets To Target
  • Understanding your Customer’s Buying Process
  • Build a Knock-Out Sales Tool Kit

Honing your Sales Skills

  • Six Common Sales Myths
  • The Fundamental Four-Step Sales Process
  • Sales Call Planning
  • Discovery: Questioning and Listening Skills
  • Revealing Latent Customer Needs and Opportunities
  • The Basic 6 Opportunity Qualification Criteria
  • Reading People and Buyer Types
  • The Customer Decision-Making Process
  • The Discovery Summary
  • Benefits Modeling: Economic, Emotional and Physical
  • Formulating Account and Opportunity Sales Strategies
  • Follow-Through (overcoming the final barriers to closure)
  • Role Play (take your new skills for a test drive)


Managing Sales opportunity Pipeline and handle the existing sales in a much better way. Throughout the workshop attendees develop strategies and action plans for their individual accounts and opportunities – gaining insight not only from the instructor but also from their peers.