We are delighted to announce that you can select a topic of Webinar any of the mention below to have an understanding of how Manvin’s team is delivering in the virtual sessions. This session will be complimentary from Manvin Consulting Inc. for your organisation.

The number of participants will be limited to 25 and it will be a 90 mins session.


With the declaration of WHO that burnout is the 10 topmost health problems of the world in 2019, there is a need to find ways that can reduce the scale of stress and burnout. Mindfulness practice helps in improving your behavior with the external world, it gives you more strength and confidence to handle the situations. The second-best thing about it is that it helps us to conquer your inner world and peace. So, ask for a complimentary session on this wonderful ancient secret of Mindfulness with live practice.


An important skill required at all gamut’s of life to develop healthy relations and get work done from people. Knowing the art and tools of how to sharpen your skills in this area is what this webinar is going to share with you. This webinar is all about a complete thinking framework which can assist you in having sustainable results with different segments of people around you. Methods and approach with examples of workplace situations will lead to conquer this Skill through this Webinar.


This Webinar is a unique program on leadership and is based on principles of achievement orientation. Concept of Prof. John Adair. The underlying principle is that by taking right actions one becomes effective leader. Instead of trying to find out what kind of a person one is, or what kind of a person one should be to be an effective leader, the focus is on what a leader needs to do. By identifying such behavior or actions and doing them consistently, one becomes a successful leader.


Communication is a great way of our reflection of our personalities. This webinar provides some simple tips and framework which if a person keeps in his /her minds for 24 x7 will become an effective communicator. Let us avail this opportunity to explore those minor but important flaws which we do as a communicator. The contents of this Webinar is designed in most practical day today communication approach which can help us to improve instantly. The art of listening which we miss is integral part of this session.


Leadership agility, adaptability and critical thinking are now required skills if organizations are to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Leaders must make continuous shifts in people, process, technology, and structure. This requires critical thinking, flexibility and quickness in decision making. This makes Critical Thinking a very crucial skill to succeed in this volatile environment. Critical Thinking is the ability to take information and make informed decisions without being influenced by your own opinions. To identify and analyse problems, seek and evaluate relevant information and reach appropriate conclusions. This Webinar is going to give a real time shift in your critical thinking.


We all know emotions can and do influence the way we react in the workplace on a daily basis. Having a higher level of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) means having the ability to recognise your behaviours, moods and impulses and manage them in a positive way. So instead of over-reacting and over-compensating when things don’t go as planned, you are much better equipped to understand the effects your emotions are having on you at any given moment. In this Webinar, you’ll learn skills like how to interpret and manage your emotions and balance your optimism and pessimism, using coping methods and relaxation techniques. This newly found emotional “awareness” allows you to communicate more effectively, succeed at work and achieve your career and personal goals in a shorter amount of time.