This course is designed to make participants fully aware about the criticality of this competency in work and personal life. It enables them to make fullest utilization of time. The program includes many practical tasks, exercises, role plays and keeps the participants glued to the program.

Course Duration: 3 Days


  1. Introduction to Time Management.
  2. What makes one effective Time manager.
  3. Identification of self-developmental areas through specially designed instrument
  4. Effective time savers
  5. Handling interruptions
  6. Planning and prioritizing
  7. Avoiding procrastination

Course Objectives:

After completion of the program the participants will be able to:
1. Understand various time wasters and their criticality in managing time
2. Plan their work more effectively and execute according to schedules and goals
3. Reduce time wasters more effectively and come out of vicious cycle of time trap
4. Prioritize their work according to importance/ urgency.
5. Handle unscheduled interruptions.
6. Stop procrastination.