We all grow and thrive when we learn and it is a continuous process for lifetime, more so when we work in a professional set up which needs development of our Technical and behavioural skills. Being in a corporate setup we have people who have an expertise of something or the other .The right way to deliver our expertise after knowing the adult learning styles and Expertial learning methods is what this Train the Trainer Program aims.

Duration: 2 Days

Objectives of The Program

After attending this program, the participants will be able to:

  1. Design a training program based on participants’ needs
  2. Use most effective training tools/techniques/ methodologies
  3. Create an impactful communication and articulation strategy
  4. Deliver the program contents more effectively to create high learning
  5. Keep the attention and interest of the participants through improved platform skills
  6. Listen more effectively
  7. Handle difficult questions, situations and people more effectively


  1. What Makes an Effective Trainer: Attitude, Skills and Knowledge of the trainer
  2. Training Methodologies and Techniques; Principles of Learning
  3. Creating Impact of training – Communication, Presentation and Listening
  4. Body Language
  5. Designing Program; Structure, Contents and Methodology
  6. Platform Skills: Icebreakers and Energizers
  7. Practical Session: participants has to select one topic and prepare to present in front of Participants and facilitators to have live feedback on their training skill.