Thinking is a skill which can be learnt. The Program begins with a general introduction to art of thinking and to its significance. form a basic concept of critical thinking, understanding in general why it is essential to the mastery of content and how it can be effective in day-to-day problem solving. Practice using critical art of thinking in the solution of some everyday problems as well as in the redesign of thinking patterns.
Each session is designed to build on the previous sessions and cultivates increasing knowledge of and skill in critical thinking. Specific topics include: the intellectual standards essential to in-depth, higher-order Thinking; the basic vocabulary of art of thinking; the micro-skills and macro-abilities of art of thinking.

Duration: 1 Day


  • How to apply creative thinking to your projects, even on a tight budget
  • Thinking skills, problem-solving techniques and advice on developing creative habits.
  • Tips to help you focus your attention and overcome creative blocks
  • Practical exercises with opportunity for feedback, questions and discussion to enhance the thinking Skills.


  • Participants are able to build a higher order thinking skills.
  • They can use these methods in strategic thinking, problem solving and decision making.
  • They are able to have better synchronization between hearts and mind.
  • They become more rational and able to manage their rational biases.