People are usually hired on Aptitude and Fired on Attitude

 Organizations striving for excellence leverage their talent to perform, grow and compete. Identifying, nurturing and recognizing people strengths and capabilities has today become an imperative for the organizations that strive to make the difference. One of the most effective ways to arrest faulty hiring is to train Line managers and HR Executives to learn and practice a more accurate technique to select the right candidate for the right job. This is where the technique of ‘Competency Based Interviewing’ can play a big role in helping organizations hire the right candidates who can then be groomed into senior leadership positions.


  1. Help participants appreciate the role and responsibility of an interviewer, competencies and their role in the selection process
  2. Equip participants with the following skills-Probing, Observing, Recording, Classifying, and Evaluating potential candidates to ensure effective contribution in the selection process
  3. Give a hands-on experience and equip participants with the required know-how and skills to conduct competency-based interviews more effectively All the above resulting in a more accurate and effective selection process in the organization.

PROGRAM STRUCTURE 4 sessions for One full day are designed

  1. Introduction to Competencies
  • The what, why and how of competencies
  • Behavior Indicators
  1. Introduction to Competency Based Interviewing
  • Key steps
  • Creating an evaluation framework
  1. Behavioral Event Interviewing
  • BEI versus other Interviewing techniques
  • Process of conducting a BEI
  • Role of an Assessor-Practice session in Observing, Recording, Classifying and Evaluating
  • Qualities of an Interviewer
  • Mock BEI
  1. Practicing BEI and Learning review, Action planning and sharing by participants
  • Discussion on integration of BEI with current selection processes
  • Developing a set of leading questions for BEI to be used in the actual interview


All Managers who are involved in Recruitment and Selection, Line Managers, HRD professionals Participants who are from a non-consulting background and do not have access to in-depth knowledge of Competency-Based interviewing will benefit from this program