Organizations require positions to be filled for many different reasons and in some cases, quite different recruiting strategies are needed.

A good recruitment system is like a pipeline of good raw material which ensures the possibility of good services and products.


  • Manvin team designs supports Recruitment Solutions Service, dedicated to filling the needs with skilled people wherever needed in the organisations.
  • Manvin Consulting Inc. helps by understanding the complete business model and the fine needs required to be catered while executing the Recruitment process.
  • A complete process, routines, and elements essential to expeditious and effective hiring for an organization or for a company. Recruitment system includes all necessary features to aid management in hiring the best candidates for open positions.
  • In the state of art of technology, we use the best possible systems to make the process more user friendly, faster and transparent at the same time.
  • Whatever is the status of recruiting activities in an organization, we consider which combination of solutions work best and how to gauge and quantify success.


Depending the organisation infrastructure and the fresh recruitment rate of the Company, we design and devise systems and processes for recruitment function so it completely depends upon the project size for the man days for this kind of Consulting Project.