The workshop focuses on imparting the proper understanding of stress to the participants to prepare them for healthy work and personal life. The program is totally ‘hands-on’. It will include use of practicing Yoga, Paranayams and other techniques.

Duration: 3 Days


After the completion of the course, the participants will be able to:-
1. Understand the source of stress in professional and personal life,
2. Balance the work life and personal life
3. Realize the nature of stress and impact of negative stress,
4. Practice a series of steps to eliminate the source of stress, and cope with the impact of stress
5. Understand their habits leading to stress and correct them


It covers following areas:

  1. What is stress – chemistry of stress
  2. Identification of source of stress

-Work life – conflict of goals, time pressure, fear of failure vs ambition
-Personal life – lack of love and affection, financial, interpersonal, age/gender specific issues

  1. Stress centre in human brain – how does it work
  2. Managing stress
  3. Recognising the symptoms of stress: irritation/anger, physical disorder, sleep disorder
  4. Reducing stress across the organisation
  5. Coping: work and personal habits, diet, physical fitness